This is the calendar for all Scottish Rite events in Connecticut.

Each event will be prefaced with a Valley identification letter in parentheses: (B), (H), (NH), (N), (W), which corresponds to the Valley involved in the event. If an event prefaced by a (C) it indicates it is a Council (or common) event.  It is possible that the same event may have multiple entries, each prefaced by a specific Valley letter.  The presence of a Valley identifier does not indicate a location.  A Valley may be involved in an event taking place at another Valley.

Click on the event to see the location.  Click on the event to view details that are posted with the event, such as a map or reservation contact or important information. The “Agenda” view will provide a list format, with easy to read event titles.

Degrees appear in darker red, other events are in blue.  Rehearsals are clearly indicated by the word “Rehearsal” in the event name.